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The Popo is a large woolly herbivore with big tusks, found living in the Snowy Mountains. They're often hunted for their meat and tongue. They are very docile creatures and will run when one of their members in a group is under attack or when a Wyvern enters their area. In Monster Hunter Tri they will also group together when a large monster is near, like the Aptonoth in more temperate climates.

They are the main source of food for many predators, especially for Tigrex and Barioth.

Popo also appear in the 3rd generation Tundra. They are preyed on by many creatures, including Barioth, Tigrex and Deviljho. These are one of the only monsters in Monster Hunter 3 that do not radically change in design or shape. The only difference in them is the slight increase of sharpness of their bodies.


  • In 3rd generation, baby Popos have short tusks, unlike in past generations where they were simply smaller versions of the adults.

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