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The Purple Gypceros is a subspecies of the Gypceros. Although essentially the same in behavior and fighting, the Purple Gypceros have different coloring and are more aggressive. The Gypceros' colors are blue and pink, while the Purple Gypceros' are purple and green. The Purple Gypceros provides a more futuristic armor set and has the right materials for some decent weaponry.

The size and health of this sub-species of Gypceros is considerably larger than their normal counterparts. Furthermore, they are more prone to feigning death because of their increased health levels.


  • The Purple Gypceros have a breakable crest located in the head, which they pound against their hard nose to ignite a tremendous flash, dizzying everything in the immediate area.
  • Breaking the crystal on its head will result in Lightcrystal in the Quest Rewards.
    • Breaking this crystal stops the Purple Gypceros from using its flash attack. After breaking the crystal, Purple Gypceros will try flashing unsuccessfully.
  • In Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, if it tries to flash after the crest has been broken, it will release a burst of poisonous gas instead.
  • Its tail can stretch longer that its initial size because of its bizzare rubbery hide.
  • Purple Gypceros is immune to Shock Traps due to its Rubbery Hide, so when trapping is required, bring Pitfall Traps.
  • It can also steal an item when it does its pecking move.
    • When enraged, it starts drooling poison so the pecking move can also poison the Hunter.

Featured questsEdit

  • The Purple Poison Menace (LV★★★ village quest)
  • The Poison Seige (LV★★★★★ village quest)
  • The Purple Poison Menace (LV 7★ nekoht quest)
  • The Purple Poison Menace (LV★★★★ guild quest)
  • The Poison Gas 9 (LV★★★★★★★ guild quest)
  • The Purple Poison Menace (LV★★★★★★★ guild quest)
  • Old Swamp, Shrouded in Mist (G1★ guild quest)
  • Predators of the Swamp (G1★ guild quest)

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