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Rangurotora is the first armadillo-like Pelagus that inhabits the Sandy Plains and Volcano regions. The Rangurutora will attack the hunter using its long tongue, strong limbs, paralytic saliva, foul smelling gas, and a ricochet-jump. First appearing in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, it is red, armour plated, and slightly larger than an Aptonoth. It preys mostly on Neopterons, as shown in both its Introduction Video (where a Bnahabra is eaten) and when the actual monster is low on Stamina (it feeds on Altaroth in their nests). It is capable of spitting out a paralyzing liquid and inflicts Soiling using a foul odor. Being a Pelagus, the Rangurutora retains attacks similar to those of Arzuros and Lagombi.


  • When Rangurotora is low on stamina it will fail to spit paralyzing fluid and to attack with its tongue.
  • When Rangurotora is low on stamina it will sometimes fall over when attempting to roll.
  • To recover Stamina, Rangurotora will prey on Altaroth; it uses its tongue to pluck them from their nests.
  • The tough shell on Rangurotora's back can be broken.
  • If the player manages to hit the Rangurotora while it is rolling, its roll will be interrupted and the Rangurotora will fall back and remain motionless on the ground for a few seconds. This leaves it exposed and vulnerable.
  • It can release a foul odor from its back.
  • Just like Lagombi, Rangurotora will leave an area when almost dead by limping, not rolling.
  • Rangurotora gains two new attack moves at G-Rank in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. One is an "all-in" tongue attack, the other a jump'n'roll move.

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