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The color variant of Raviente, released as part of the latest update to Monster Hunter Frontier, Monster Hunter Frontier Season Forward 1. Instead of a reddish shell it is white, with green eyes and a more muted shell and fins.

It seems to inhabit Geyser Island, and to have a whole new set of moves, including the ability to roar while its head is stuck in the ground, causing rocks or water to splash all over the area. Raviente Subspecies also has a new move where it digs and resurfaces faster than an ordinary Raviente, a large tail slam, the ability to suck wind using its mouth, and roaring on the Volcano to cause volcanic rocks to fall over the hunters below.

Also, unlike the previous normal Raviente hunts, new weapons like Balloons, Felyne Ballistas, geyser bombs, Underground Sonic Bombs and more weapons can be used against Raviente Subspecies. The weapons' effect are as follows:

  • Underground Sonic Bombs can unearth Raviente Subspecies while it is underground.
  • With Felyne Ballista, Felynes with a Ballista Bowgun pop up and fire Ballista Shots at Raviente Subspecies.
  • Geyser Bombs can be placed on Geysers to fire at Raviente Subspecies.


  • Hunters must be at least HR 100 to fight the Raviente Subspecies.
  • Raviente Subspecies, unlike other exceptionally large monsters such as Lao-Shan Lung, is susceptible to the KO and Poison Statuses.

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