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Red Khezu are medium-sized Flying Wyverns and the colored Subspecies of the Khezu.

Red Khezu behaves much like an ordinary Khezu; however, it is capable of unique neck-thrusting attack. This specific Subspecies, interestingly, is immune to Fire and weak to Water, unlike the Khezu. This aside, Red Khezu have a great deal in common with their white counterpart - they still have a layer of moisture around their body, and they live in much the same areas.

While both the Khezu and the Red Khezu are known for gripping onto the ceilings of caves, dripping acid saliva or dropping down on unsuspecting Hunters below, Red Khezu is more well-known for this kind of behavior. This technique is particularly problematic in the Swamp Areas, where there is an expansive network of caves for both varieties of Khezu to exploit.


  • Although Red Khezu has no breakable parts in the usual sense, almost every part of its body can be scarred if enough damage is dealt to it.
    • Scarring the head or back can increase the chance of receiving certain rewards.
  • Bizarrely, Red Khezu has been observed eating mushrooms in Area 5 of the Swamp.[1]
  • Red Khezu sometimes drops a Shiny when dripping acid from the ceiling.

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