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A Royal Ludroth subspecies that first appears in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. This subspecies uses many of the same attacks as a normal Royal Ludroth, except it now has two new attacks along with the new coloration.

A large quantity of poison is stored in its large purple mane like a sponge. The Purple Royal Ludroth can spit balls of poison mucus out of its mouth. It also releases a splash of poison from its mane by slamming into the ground. The purple coloring is due to the large amounts of toxins stored in its body.


  • Just like Royal Ludroth, this Subspecies recovers Stamina by bathing beneath a waterfall.
  • It can inflict Poison with its Swipe attack.
  • This Subspecies will huff poison gas when enraged.
  • While running, it can suddenly rotate and do a side barrel roll.
  • Weakest against Fire, followed by Thunder.

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