English Name N/A
Nickname/s Ruko, Ruco
English Name Magnetic Dragon
Pole Dragon
Romaji Rukodiora
Japanese Name ルコディオラ
Japanese Title 極龍
Korean Name N/A
Description and Information
Species Elder Dragon
Element/s (?)
Ailment/s 15px
Weakest to 20px/20px
Weakness Sign (?)
Signature Move Magnetism
Habitats Interceptor's Base, Desert
Size File:Gold Crown Large.png 2075.0
File:Gold Crown Small.png 1349.6
Monster in Relation N/A
Chronological Appearances
First Appearance N/A
First JP Appearances 40pxForward 1
Last Appearances 40pxForward 1
Generation Frontier

Rukodiora is an Elder Dragon first featured in Monster Hunter Frontier Season Forward 1. It normally inhabits a new Fort type area, the Interceptor's Base, to which it frequently lays siege. Its Japanese name 極龍 means Magnetic/Pole Dragon.

It shares the same general build as other Elder Dragons. It has large, gold colored horns that can be broken three times, golden wings, grey scales, and spines along its tail. A dark circle, along with boulders and other debris surrounds Rukodiora.

When attacking, Rukodiora uses the levitating debris surrounding it for both offense and defense. It also swipes at the hunter with its claws, flies into the air before swooping down, and utilizes a powerful Dragon-Element sweeping beam. It also appears to manipulate magnetism in a complex way. Rukodiora also inflicts a new Status that enables it to magnetically draw afflicted Hunters in close to its body. It can inflict the status through contact with almost any of its attacks or by releasing an orange 'dust' from its wings. When the black ring surrounding Rukodiora flashes blue, the magnetic attraction ceases. The status can be inflicted again, however.

Rukodiora can be paralyzed, but it isn't very effective. Unlike almost any other monster, Rukodiora can drag itself around while paralyzed. Rukodiora is, however, susceptible to Poison, Sleep, Flash Bombs, and KO with Impact attacks. When its tail is cut off or its horns are broken, it will temporarily lose its magnetic ability. Its wings are golden-colored when there's no magnetic field surrounding Rukodiora,then changes to dark orange once the field is activated.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Monster Hunter Frontier


  • The horns and wings can both be broken twice.
  • Rukodiora is the only Frontier monster that has an intro cutscene. This plays at the beginning of the battle when it takes place at the Interceptor's Base, but can be skipped like intros in other MH games.

Weapons and ArmorsEdit

For detailed information, see Rukodiora Equipment.


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Video Video

MHF『フォワード.1 古龍、現る!!』


MHF『フォワード.1 襲来、双極の脅威』

MHFO Forward 1: Rukodiora Moves Video
MHFO Forward 1: Rukodiora 2nd Moves Video

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