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A Subspecies of Duramboros that inhabits the Sandy Plains and takes on a coppery-pink appearance, unlike the more usual mossy green. Although similar to ordinary Duramboros in many ways, its tail is said to represent an axe, rather than the original's Hammer. Being struck by the tail can inflict the Muddy status on the Hunter.

It seems that rather than gathering moss by roaming around Mountain Stream, it gathers sand and grit from around the desert region, retaining its juvenile appearance to a great degree (shown in the MHP3rd Ecology book for Duramboros pictured below).


  • When exhausted, Rust Duramboros will eat from a patch of woody plants.
  • When its tail has been severed, tail slams will no longer inflict the Muddy Status.
  • There is an Event Quest in MH3U in which the Hunter must fight an enormous Rust Duramboros (much like MH3 World Eater Quest, were one must hunt a giant Deviljho).

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