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The Rusted Kushala Daora is an older Kushala Daora that hasn't shed its metallic scales recently. In response, its shiny, silver, metallic skin becomes a rusted brown. It can be fought in a download quest in Monster Hunter Freedom 2, and in the Gathering Hall (Quest Level 5, only able to start Quest if players has completed all HR2 and 3 Quests). Both of these Quests happen in the Town.

In Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, it fights the same as a Kushala Daora and has the same carves. It should be noted that when hunters fight it, there is no storm, so all Barrel Bombs can be used. The head crest will only break when the Rusted Kushala Daora reaches 60% health.


  • You can not get Rusted Kushala Daora items, the only items obtained are normal Kushala Daora.
  • Rusted Kushala Daora has a slightly different moveset that the normal Daora. It uses his aerial turnaround bite much more often, and can immediately attack with a charge or a wind blast after jumping back (whereas a non-rusted Kushala always taunts first).
  • Rusted Kushala Daora's roar and screeches are slightly different from Kushala Daora's.
  • In the Town you can hit Daora with the Dragonator to deal heavy damage and cause it to fall down. If it is attacking the wall with a triple wind blast you have to wait for it to fly down. It can be hit both when hovering and while on the ground - as long as it is within the dragonator range, it will be hit.
  • In MHFU, a Rusted Kushala Daora's name is not mentioned, only to be mentioned as "A brown metal plated dragon".

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