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Shen Gaoren are giant Carapaceons that roam the land. Identifiable by their grey skin, towering legs and the gigantic green-yellow balls of acid that they generate and hurl from the rear of their bodies. Shen Gaoren are so large they use a Lao Shan Lung skull for protection. Their colossal size helps them to defeat most creatures. The diet of Shen Gaoren is unknown; however, it is likely to be omnivorous, like most real-life crabs.
When the legs of Shen Gaoren are weakened, they become inflamed, turning a dull red. Further damage will cause them to flare blood-red, and Shen Gaoren will collapse to the ground.
Like the Lao-shan Lung, Shen Gaoren are fairly passive, and doesn't directly attack Hunters. It can, however, accidentally step on them, inflicting considerable damage. Shen Gaoren will attack buildings that are directly in its path, though (including the wall of the Town and gate of the Fortress.


  • When reaching a high ledge, it is possible to jump on the Gaoren's back (essentially into the mouth of the Lao-Shan Lung skull) after it does its acid blast.
    • If the Hunter waits it has fired an acid ball there is only enough time for one carve, regardless of timing. Anti-Dragon Bombs can only be planted here.
  • The Lao-Shan Lung skull on Gaoren's back is much larger than a normal Lao's skull, just like all skulls on big Carapaceons.
  • It can also be noted that the Lao-Shan skull on Shen Gaoren's back can be broken three times, offering Lao Shan shell and Elder Dragon Bones as additional reward items.
  • In the "Info Magazine", the Shen Gaoren is not explained, only referred to as "a dangerous Carapaceon".
  • Repelling or slaying the HR9 Shen Gaoren, results in obtaining the Gallery video "Soul of a Hunter".
  • The name "Shen Gaoren" is derived from the chinese word "神高人", which mens God (Shen) Tall (Gao) Person (Ren).
  • The town Shen Gaoren has copper green patches on its legs and in other places, as apposed to the all grey colour scheme of the fortress Gaoren.

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