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Shogun Ceanataur are large, blue Carapaceons that inhabit swamp and volcanic zones. They live in and seek protection in Gravios skulls, conch shells, or a Wyvern skull . When repeatedly hit, the skull shell can be broken, allowing players to receive more rewards such as Wyvern Skull Shell or Gravios Skull Shell.

Breakable PartsEdit

  • When the first shell is broken, it is likely to dig underground almost immediately, and upon resurfacing, it will have another shell. Upon breaking it again, it will be rendered "shell-less" permanently.
  • The large sharp claws can also be broken, decreasing its hit range and giving a better chance of rewards for Ceanataur Claws and Pincers. Breaking the claws will cause the monster to enter constant rage until the monster is killed or captured.
  • Unlike the Daimyo Hermitaur, whose shell can only be broken by impact damage, Ceanataur's shell can be broken with all forms of damage.


  • Breaking one of its claws will cause it to instantly go into rage mode and it will permanently stay in rage mode.
  • Strangely enough, the Gravios skull that the Shogun Cenataur uses is bigger than the average Gravios head.
  • Strangely, when it jumps to the ceiling, only its legs and shell tilts, meaning that its pincers are upside down in correspondence to its body when clinging to the ceiling.
  • Once you break a Shogun Ceanataur's normal shell, it will flee underground and retrieve a new shell, most commonly a Gravios skull.
  • It can only shoot its water beam only when it is using a Gravios skull.

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