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Silver Rathalos are a very rare species of the Rathalos, whose shells and scales have a shiny silver color. The Silver Rathalos has the highest stamina and strength over all the other Rathalos.

In nature, it's rarely found in swamps or hills, but can most often be seen at the top of ancient towers. The Hunters Guild goes out searching for Silver Rathalos in other lands so they can be hunted in special events, where they're placed in arenas and pitted against hunters. Silver Rathalos makes a return in MHP3rd, with vast improvement in his movepool and the tendency to stay in flight, raining fireballs and diving to attack Hunters. The most visible improvement in MHP3rd is the new skin that is reflecting the light in metallic manner.


  • A unique trait of this monster is that its head is extremely weak to impact (Hammer, Hunting Horn), while its wings are very weak to slash (Greatsword, Longsword, Dual Sword, etc). It is weakest to Thunder.
  • In MHF2, along with Gold Rathian, it can only be unlocked by killing 100 Wyverns, excluding Bird Wyverns, e.g Kut Ku, Gypceros, Velocidrome etc. This requirement is also the same in MHP3rd.
  • In MHFU, players can also unlock the Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos by clearing Nekoht's 8* Quests.
  • In MHFU and MHP2ndG his scream, unlike the Red and Azure Rathalos, can only be blocked with the High Grade Earplug skill.
  • In MHFU he will do the flying back fireball and also fly into the air to perform his single or triple blast.
  • To easily get the 2 quests, kill wyverns in training mode for low health using all five weapons.
  • Silver Rathalos returns in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, along with Gold Rathian
    • In Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, Silver Rathalos' head is highly resistant to both slash and impact damage, unlike in previous appearances, in which its head was vulnerable to impact damage. It also requires white sharpness in order to avoid weapons bouncing off it.
    • When fatigued, Silver Rathalos will regain stamina by preying on Gargwa.

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