SmaTavish (also known as MacTavish) is a soldier from the famous game called Call of Duty. Inspired by "Soap" in Call of Duty.


Aftermath of the World War IIIEdit

Solo MissionEdit

Meet Sticktan!!Edit


He is like the MacTavish in the game but in stickman form. His color dark brownish and no border lines. He was wearing suit like in the game but less detailed. He always have a gun with him.


  • Can pick up his gun within milliseconds on the waist line and kill his enemies with just one shot.


Fast Reload

  • MacTavish can reload faster than normal rate.

Two Guns

  • Unlock his input type
  • He pulls another gun from his inventory and can kill 2 Blues or a Cobalt.

Fire in the Hole!

  • Ultra Attack (or so called Bonus attack)
  • He throws 3 grenades on the air and hits some Drabs flying by and/or ground units staying on their way.

The Fan of Wiki's TriviaEdit

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