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Being the Skilled-Ground-Shaking-SamuraiEdit

Stiksroyer was born in Japan and abandoned by his parents. He was adopted by a skilled Samurai. In his young age, he was trained to use a long sword or called Katana. In the age of 12, his mentor was killed by his arch-nemesis; Ninjack. He flee to the forest and start to hunt animals like deers and small rabbits to give him enough food for a day or even a week. This is where he continue to train and he discovered that he can create a small earthquake using his sword. After 4 years living in a forest, he was found by Ninjack who was ready to kill him. There's a brutal fight between the two and he once discovered a new skill called "Ultimate Throw". Destroyer used this skill and threw Ninjack on the sky and it is unknown where his nemesis fell.

A New FriendEdit

Sroyer was then found by Sticktan, who was wandering on the forest. Sroyer mistaken him as his nemesis and attack him but Sticktan is skilled enough to defeat him. Sroyer then asked,
"Who are you, anyway?" "I'm Sticktan, but you can also call me 'Titan'" Titan replied
"I'm Sticksroyer, call me Sroyer or Destroyer" After the two have conversation, Titan offered him to join on him on his journey. At first, Sroyer refused to join him. But after Titan gave him enough time to think, he later joined.

The Dragon-Man?Edit

The LeaderEdit


Dare you to Move by Switchfoot
Dare You to Move by Switchfoot
I do not own this!


Sroyer has a navy outline, and generally have a light-orange inner-line. He always brings a katana with him and expertly wields it everytime his in trouble.


  • Has a super strength that creates 7.0 magnitude earthquake
  • Slow but can hit a cobalt in one shot (critical hit).



  • Can send enemies stumbling down for a few seconds

Katana Sword

  • Attacks consecutively on the targeted enemy

Ultimate Throw

  • Bonus Attack
  • This attack happens once in a level
  • When Big Blue's slowing down, Sticksroyer automatically uses his this attack to pick and throw him high up on the air again.

The Fan of Wiki's TriviaEdit

  • I decided to make a non-ultra attack fighter because he is too dangerous...

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