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Strocker (also known as Rocker) is the one play sounds using his electric guitar. He can make enemies dance.


The Last ConcertEdit


He is dark red stick man with red borders. His hair was sprouting on any directions. He is the only one have green eyes on Awesome Defenders group and carry his guitar wherever he goes.


  • When he play his guitar, it makes enemies dance and/or cover their ears.


Let's ROCK!!

  • When he was summoned, he plays his guitar and distracts his enemies by making them dance and/or cover their ears.

Electronic Sonic wave

  • He will strum his guitar hard as he can and send sonic waves on the enemies in sight.

Hypnotizing music

  • This attack happens once
  • 5% of chance that he will use this attack
  • When used, it will hypnotize some enemies and attack their own allies (or even punch themselves)

The Fan of Wiki's TriviaEdit

  • He likes hard rock genres to alternative rock genres.
  • He has green eyes.

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