The Terra Shogun Ceanataur is an alternate species of Shogun Ceanataur. The Terra Shogun Ceanataur has the same elemental weakness, apart from an additional vulnerability to Water on his rear shell. Instead of blue and grey, it is black and a reddish-orange color. Terra Shogun, as is normal for a colour variation, is slightly stronger, faster and has more health than the original. Instead of a normal Gravios Skullshell on its back, it has a Black Gravios Skullshell.


  • It can shoot water out of the shell even when its not on a cavern ceiling.
  • Unlike the normal Shogun Ceanataur, which utilizes three different shells (Lavasioth Skull, Gravios Skull and Conch Shell), it always wears a Black Gravios skull.
  • Breaking its Black Gravios skull once or twice yields a Black Gravios Skull Shell.
  • When weak, Terra Shogun Ceanataur rests in Area 7 of the Old Swamp.
  • Like the Shogun Ceanataur, breaking one of its claws leaves the monster in rage mode for the rest of the quest.
  • Terra Shogun's claws are relatively soft, and his shell relatively hard - the opposite of the normal Shogun Ceanataur.
  • "Terra" means "Earth" in Latin, and relates to the Terra Shogun Ceanataur in that its materials imply it's earth-based, as well as the color of soil or terracotta clay.
  • It has a slightly larger pincers than the Shogun Ceanataur.

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