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A subspecies of the Uragaan appearing in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. This variant appears to have a metallic shell rather than a shell made of rock. It can inflict the Soiled status using a soiling yellow gas and the rocks it tosses will burn for a few seconds after being thrown, inflicting additional fire damage if they hit a hunter before they settle on the ground. These will also release soiling gas when exploded. Its massive chin glows fiery red and its skin is darker than the original Uragaan. The cause of this monster's coloration is unknown. The armoured skin of this subspecies is very similar to the normal Uragaan's armor, but instead of being a brown/gold colour it is different shades of blue.


  • To cut off its tail, you must break it first, then you have to make the tail flinch (Uragaan will lunge forward and whimper). You will then be able to cut its tail off after a few more hits.

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