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A Velocidrome is the alpha male leader of a Velociprey pack. Its large, bright red crest over its blue hide signifies to other Velociprey that it is fit to be their leader.

In the original Monster Hunter, Velocidromes were always surrounded by Velociprey, which constantly spawn. Hunters have to face one or two of them in a Quest. In later games they may be fought alone and away from their minions. They are one of the earlier monsters to be encountered in the various Monster Hunter games (with the exception of Monster Hunter Tri, which they do not feature in). They can usually be found in the Forest and Hills or the Jungle regions. There are several related species, including the Giadrome, the Gendrome and the Iodrome.


  • Among the "Raptor-Dromes" coined by MH fans, Velocidrome and Gendrome have no breath attack.
  • Velocidrome does not appear in Monster Hunter Tri, but its role is replaced by Great Jaggi, a monster who also calls its smaller monsters.
  • A Hard Core version of Velocidrome appears in late Season 10 of Monster Hunter Frontier, with improved attacks and a new look.
    • Aesthetic differences include red eyes, hooked beak, a different shaped crest and drooling when in Rage mode.
    • New attacks include a spinning bite and tailwhip and a side-to-side jumping body-tackle.
  • In its Introduction Scene, the Velocidrome is seen to raise its head and roar to call on Velocipreys, but Velocidrome never does this in battle.
    • Its HC variant uses this move as a taunt, however.
  • Velocidrome returns in Monster Hunter 4, with a new pin attack.

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