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Velociprey are a very common raptor-like species of Bird Wyvern. They have blue scales with black stripes, and a dull red crest on their heads. These carnivorous monsters travel in packs and inhabit many different environments.

A pack of Velociprey is lead by a large, agressive alpha male known as the Velocidrome.

An experienced hunter should have no problems dealing with a pack of Velociprey, though a hunter unfamiliar with them will have some trouble with their swift movements and quick attacks. Velociprey are capable of leaping great distances, making them difficult to flee from, especially when delivering eggs and large ores. They will, on occasion, be slashed in two when struck by a strong weapon whilst in midair. When this happens, the Velociprey will disappear when it lands, and cannot be carved.


  • Velociprey are closely related to three other species of Bird Wyvern: Giaprey, Genprey and Ioprey. These minions first appeared in the original Monster Hunter, except for Giaprey, which appeared in Monster Hunter Dos.
  • Velociprey are arguably the most common raptor species, appearing in the Jungle, Forest and Hills, Great Forest and Old Swamp.
  • Although Velociprey don't appear in Monster Hunter 3, they are mentioned in the description for Bird Wyvern Fang; allegedly a Velociprey Fang is very similar to that item.
  • It has been observed that Velociprey will actively attack a Rathian when in close proximity.

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