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Vespoids are insect-like monsters that inhabit the land. They are known to be a nuisance for hunters, due to their stings that cause hunters to flinch, resulting in them being exposed to any further attacks. Their stingers are loaded with a neuro-toxin that can paralyze foes. They are normally placed near rocky-walls and caves and found almost everywhere. Controlled by the Queen Vespoid, they are found alone in some places, but appear in large numbers when with their leader.


  • Having a low resilience to most forms of damage, Vespoids will generally disintegrate when struck with a blow from a relatively powerful weapon.
  • They can be poisoned to prevent their body from shattering when killed.
  • Even if poison is not applied, there still exists a slim chance for successful carve, if the body doesn't shatter.
  • When poison is applied the smaller and regular-sized vespoids will die instantly.
  • They appear to be related to the Bnahabra, also an insect-like monster found in Monster Hunter Tri.

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