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White Fatalis is the third of the Fatalis brethren. Like Kirin, the coat of a White Fatalis produces a bright white aura. It has the ability to call forth red lightning storms. Another trait that White Fatalis shares with Kirin is that when he is dead, his "mane" flows like it is still alive. The White Fatalis has an organ that can produce an "electric ball" that can be shot out from its mouth.



  • When the White Fatalis is in its rage mode, red markings appear on its face and chest, as well as red electrical currents around its body.
    • At about 50% health, it activates "armor mode," where most of your melee attacks will bounce. At about 20% health, it leaves armor mode
    • In "armor mode," its attack and defense become improved; it is also much harder to hit its skin without bouncing off.
    • When it is in Armor Mode, Barrel Bombs, Clust S, Gunlance Shells and Wyvern's Fire are all worth using, as they do a set amount of damage.
  • White Fatalis can be paralyzed and put to sleep. However, it cannot be stunned by either a Hammer or a Hunting Horn.
  • To unlock the HR6 White Fatalis in MHFU players need to kill 5 of each Elder Dragon, and slay the unlocked HR6 Crimson Fatalis. Players must also have killed three Fatalis in total (of any combination of colours).
    • To unlock the HR9 White Fatalis, players need to slay the HR9 unlocked Crimson Fatalis, and clear all 6 Epic Hunting Quests in G***.
  • It is possible to break off both horns, scar the eye, scar the chest and damage the wing of White Fatalis for extra rewards. However, Dragon Element is needed to perform these. (The recommended way to hit the head is using a Gunlance to shell upwards, or using a Bowgun/Bow since Fatalis is standing upright almost all the time. This can also be done to break the wings.)
  • White Fatalis is only unlocked via a downloaded quest(Ancestral Dragon) in MHF2. However, it can be unlocked in game at both HR6 & HR9 in MHFU.
  • In MHF2, there was a small area of the Tower that was never hit during his Lightning Summon. However, this safe-spot no longer works in MHFU.
  • Currently, it is marked as the "Strongest Elder Dragon" in the Monster Hunter Universe.

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