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White Monoblos are a Subspecies of the Monoblos. It is unknown whether the White Monoblos is a rare albino, or an entirely separate breed of Monoblos. Other than appearance, they behave essentially the same. When not engaged with a hunter they tend to frequently move around underground, which can make them hard to track. They also share a close evolutionary line with Diablos. When enraged, their mouth fumes black smoke and blood is flushed to the frill, producing intimidating red markings. The White Monoblos have slightly more HP than the normal breed. Like the normal Monoblos, it cannot be found in any Quest supplied by the Guild Hall; only the Village Elders can offer a Quest to hunt them.


  • Its horn can get stuck in walls and ledges like all the other 'blos family wyverns. Once it is broken, White Monoblos will no longer get stuck.
  • Just like its ordinary counter-part, White Monoblos is vulnerable to Sonic Bombs when not in Rage mode and tunneling underground; a well-timed burst will cause the tunneling creature to become temporarily trapped in place.

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