White Velociprey
English Name: White Velociprey
Nicknames: Whiteprey
Titles: The Carnivore
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Japanese Name: Gianosu
Japanese Title: {{{japanese title}}}
Description and Information
Species: Bird Wyvern
Element/s: none
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Weakest to:  ?
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Habitats: Forest and Hills
Size: small
Monsters in Relation: Velocidrome,Giaprey
Chronological Appearances
First US/EU Appearance: Monster Hunter Freedom, re-made in Monster Hunter Freedom 2
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Latest Appearance: {{{last}}}
Generation: 1

The White Velociprey are a white subspecies of the Velociprey. Although they are of a different species, White Velociprey have been seen in packs of Velociprey. Like all of the '-prey' family, this sub-specie also fights in a pack, often alongside their leader the Velocidrome, that is not as white as its white counterparts . They are a little stronger, physically and defensively, than the average Velociprey, and are noticeably tougher than their counterpart in battle. Although stronger, they still have about the same accuracy.

Players may need G-Class materials like White Velociprey Hides and complete Scales which can be obtained at HR1 by doing the "The Revenge of the Garuga" quest in MHF.


  • It was originally called the White Velociprey and was put into Monster Hunter Freedom for the sole purpose of being a rare member of the Velociprey species, but were later given the name Giaprey, assigned a boss known as the Giadrome and the ice element.

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