Wrexzilla is a new giant robot monster created by Johnny Rancid in the episode Can I Keep Him?. He prepares to blast the Teen Titans with his machine guns, but Silkie/Larvae-M3-19 (who was turned into a giant moth creature by the Killer Moth) gobbles Wrexzilla and Johnny. After Silkie/Larvae-M3-19 was nervous of who raised him and liked him alot (Starfire or Killer Moth) and he "exploded". But it is revealed that he molted and none of the remaining pieces of Wrexzilla were found (he was probably digested, except Johnny and Cyborg's leg).


  • Wrexzilla is similar to a mechanical Toho monster called Mechagodzilla. The part of his name which is "zilla" would be reference of it like Godzilla. He also resembles a dinosaur.

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